Retire Financially Fit with Barbara Swiatek

Retire Financially Fit with Barbara Swiatek

SF Financial Services was founded in 2005 with an emphasis on retirees and those nearing retirement. As retirement professionals, our mission is to walk you through a smooth retirement to help you work toward your income-planning goals. Preparing your financial road map is a vital step for a confident retirement, and it is equally important to prepare yourself for all possibilities in life.

As SF Financial Services, we review your individual needs and portfolio, talk about your goals and dreams, and design a retirement plan to help you throughout the years.  You’ll need to be prepared for: estate planning, leaving a legacy, and unplanned illness, stock market losses and risks to your nest egg, life insurance options, ensuring you aren’t paying too much in taxes, and planning for supplemental income so you don’t run out of money.

Financial planning encompasses many different things for different people, but at its core, planning is really about LIFE. What’s on your mind as you approach retirement?  What are you most looking forward to? What are your priorities, and what are you hoping to achieve?  Should you roll over your IRA or leave it where it is? Take your Social Security now or wait until later? Sell the house or remodel the kitchen? Renew your CDs or buy an annuity?

We’re here to help you navigate your investment decisions and confidently work toward your financial goals. Your specific circumstances will determine the potential need for the services listed, as well as the possibility for additional planning strategies.  Let us help make the planning process more simple for you.

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