The Money Couple

The Money Couple

Over two decades ago, our passion to save marriages was born. As Financial Advisors, for over 25 years,  helping couples, we discovered: money “issues” are not about dollars and cents. Couples struggle to communicate about and agree on money which creates tension, fights, and even divorce.

Their struggles broke our hearts and propelled us into a decade of research and work with a Stanford scientist where we cracked the code to stop divorces and create healthy, wealthy relationships.

We hope our journey prompts you to take that first step.

Scott and Bethany Palmer, The Money Couple, are devoted to helping couples everywhere see eye-to-eye on day-to-day money decisions. During their four combined decades as financial advisors, they witnessed an increasing trend of marriages ending in divorce over money. After years of exploration and research, they discovered and identified The 5 Money Personalities. Scott and Bethany are regulars on major, nationwide television and radio programs, and speak internationally about love and money. Native Californians, they currently enjoy an active Colorado lifestyle with their two sons, Cole and Cade.


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