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Beyond Your Backyard - The Laurel Highlands, PA

In this episode, Erik The Travel Guy explores the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania. This region’s rolling hills are home to revolutionary war sites, charming towns and so much more. Erik and the crew make a splash as they go white water rafting, learn how to make the perfect breakfast sandwich, visit an amazing luxury resort and walk in the footprints of an educational icon. Thanks for watching, liking, subscribing and sharing these videos with your friends!

How Not To Get Robbed On Vacation

Listen, while the world is a beautiful place  (see literally every video we’ve ever produced) there is always a chance you’ll run into the wrong element while traveling abroad.

Holiday Travel Pre Game Reminder

I know what you’re thinking…Thanksgiving already? Well, it’s gobble gobble time soon enough and this year and I want you to be even more prepared.

Travel Hack - How To Go On and Off The Beaten Path

The itinerary of your next great adventure can be a mix of tried and true and quietly undiscovered! This video shows you how!

Delicious Appalachian Recipe

This is an unbelievably simple yest delicious recipe and its shown step-by-step!

They Want To Take Away Our Airline Miles

If you’ve ever booked a trip using your credit card rewards then you know how, well… rewarding that feels! You’ve spent, you’ve earned, you’ve accumulated and now it’s time for you to reap the benefits from your strategic purchase making. Whether it’s flights, hotel rooms, meals or other deals you deserve those rewards, miles or points - whatever you prefer calling them. 

Not That Many

Ugg. My children are getting big. They are growing up way too fast. Isn’t it curious how when you’re having fun time just wizzes by yet when life serves up some heartache, time grinds to a screeching halt? Of course, this time-contraction sensation is all in our mind. 

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