"Behind The Façade" - A Broadway Revue

A Broadway Revue is a full-length musical comprised of carefully selected songs from Broadway Musicals and chosen around a theme. When it came to figuring out our theme, we took a good look around and saw there was a common theme that we kept noticing and it had to do with how people were interacting with each other. They were being inauthentic, fake, some were acting one way in front of one group but in private acted entirely like someone else. Then we got to thinking how this is true in a lot of areas of life from social media, to who we are when we are alone, to the persona we put on when we leave the house. So we asked ourselves some hard questions...have you ever hidden your true feelings from someone? Have you ever said you were fine when you were actually dying inside? Have you ever had an amazing experience but were afraid to share it in fear that it would be taken the wrong way. We ALL have. It was then that a word that summed up this concept came to mind, “façade.” We live behind a façade, hiding our true selves, desires and emotions. Merriam-Webster defines Façade as “a false, superficial, or artificial appearance.” Perfect! we got right to work finding songs that fit our theme of façade! Much to our surprise there were an abundance of songs. As the show came together, we ended up with songs from over 20 Broadway musicals, including ones from favorites such as “The Little Mermaid,” “In The Heights,” “Jekyll & Hyde,” “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” and “The Secret Garden.” We are so excited to share with you our show titled “Behind The Façade.”


Village Seven Presbyterian Church
4052 Nonchalant Cir S
Colorado Springs, CO 80917
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