IMPORTANT: It's a Serious Matter of Life


Saturate is an opportunity to have an intimate encounter with God on the beautiful and tranquil grounds of Glen Eyrie Castle. Participant will learn God-Care techniques provide an atmosphere for self awareness, learn diy spa self care techniques, centering and meditation, movement therapy and financial well-being learn God-Care, the care of God's temple. We want to give back to the city we grew up in. We spent time at Glen Eyrie going to church youth group camps. We know the healing power of connecting with God in the beauty and majesty of His creation. We want to give complimentary tickets to shelters and victims of violence. The complimentary tickets will include breakfast, access to all God-Care workshops. We are working to get complimentary spa service for these participants. lunch and transportation is not included with any ticket. For all other participants they can purchase tickets at our Eventbrite site. Cost is $69.00 cost include breakfast, access to all God-Care workshops, Evening praise, meditation and worship. transportation and lunch are not included. Those with complimentary tickets and purchased tickets will receive gift bags generously filled with items to continue God-Care. The evening praise, meditation and worship is free to all who want to come and worship the Lord.


Glen Eyrie Castle
3820 N. 30th St.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
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