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Spiritual Life

4 Important Things to Know about What Privilege Does NOT Mean

It is only when we see the ways systems are unfair that we then can become advocates for the brothers and sisters in our communities that lack equal access in our society. Let’s explore what privilege doesn’t mean in our lives, so we can gain a better understanding of what it does mean.

Called to Witness till Jesus Christ Returns

As you wait for Christ's return, is witnessing a priority in your life? Nothing can compare to being God's instrument to lead one person out of the kingdom of Satan into the glorious life of heaven. If you have never had that experience, or you would like to be more effective in your witness, God can use you starting today.

7 Ways to Know That God Is Right Next to You

Ever feel God is far away? Here are seven ways to draw close in praise and peace, sensing His presence right next to you. When we open the door of our hearts to love Him, He will meet us there. Every time.

Does Christian Liberty Look Like 4th of July Independence?

As you focus on Christian liberty, you may begin to notice others who have suffered from the limits of our American definition of liberty. This may encourage a little less show about your individual liberty and a little more sharing of the internal changes naturally prompted by true Christian liberty. 

5 Amazing Ways to Throw Satan off His Game with Worship

Satan loves to throw challenges at you. If you can worship during his tricks, you’ll come to learn that praise and worship are not about how you feel. It's about worshipping God and trusting His victory. Here are 5 ways to win through worship.

Conquer Fear with the Lord as Your Light and Salvation

When the Bible talks about God being light, it is in sharp contrast to the darkness that exists in this world, and in each one of us. David was keenly aware that the darkness within men, their sinful nature, brought all manner of darkness into the world. But David is always comforted by turning his gaze back to God's perfect light.

4 Great Reasons Why Christians Are Not Christ

Where being Christ-like for believers gets tricky is when the Christ-followers fail...because, unlike Jesus, we are not able to live perfect lives. We strive to follow the example Jesus set but we are not Him. Be encouraged, the Christian faith is built on a strong foundation...and here are four great reasons there's only one Christ.

10 Proven Ideas to Power-Boost Your Gratitude

Most of us need a little help learning how to live more thankful. Sure, we are grateful sometimes, but not all the time. Consequently, we rarely feel the rewarding effects of gratitude when practiced every day. Here are 10 proven ideas for powering up gratitude in your life.


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