How God Transformed My Failing Marriage

And so I did. Surrendering my hurt, my wisdom, and my husband to my Father wasn’t easy, but it was freeing. And healing. Healing for me and our marriage. The more I released my grip, it seemed, the more of God’s power was unleashed within me.

What Christians Get Wrong about Marriage

If marriage is what we say it is, why does its foundation sometimes seem so cracked? How do we explain the brokenness, the divorce rates, and the struggles we see all around us in real life?

4 Ways the Bible Defines Sexual Immorality

With sexual immorality and any other sin, we sin against others, ourselves, and most importantly, God. In order to help ourselves or others avoid sexual immorality, we must be aware of the Bible’s teachings on this subject. Here are 5 ways the Bible defines sexual immorality.


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