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15 Tips for New Homeschool Parents

Seeking advice from seasoned veterans as you begin your homeschool journey is a great way to calm your nerves, generate ideas, and assure yourself that you can do this!

5 Powerful Weapons When You're Lacking Energy for Life

Ever feel like you are in a rut? There are days I just want to stay in bed and wish the world away. I understand those feelings. You are not alone—every homeschool mom I’ve ever talked to has felt this way. Let’s see if we can figure out how to rise up and out of the blue and into the brilliant (or maybe just out of those covers).

5 Signs You Might Want to Keep Homeschooling after Quarantine

Even though homeschooling takes effort and commitment, there are some amazing real benefits to making it a part of your family's lifestyle that you probably already have gotten a taste of over these past months of having your kids learning-at-home. Here are 5 signs that homeschooling will be a good fit for your family.

4 Certain Ways to Know You Enable Your Children

Since our idols tend to blind us from reality and truth, perhaps the best way to evaluate whether our actions are harming our kids is to examine their behavior. Consider 4 results of an enabling parent.

10 Effective Ways to Grow Your Relationship with Your Teenage Kids

As a mother of a fourteen-year-old and a twelve –year-old, my role as their mother is changing. No longer am I the main person to speak into their lives. They now tell their friends more about what is new in their lives than what they tell me. They want to spend more time with their friends and less time with me. This is tough on me as I’m struggling to figure out my role in their lives. But there are still ways I can have a presence in their lives without being the main voice.

10 Ways to be a Happier Mom

If you can tap into the joy that comes from obeying Christ and being in his presence, you can be a happier mom no matter what's happening.


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