7 Real Signs Your Kid Is Overscheduled

In today’s world, kids have more commitments than ever before. Sporting events, play practice and other events both after school and weekends can keep kids on the run from the moment they get up to the moment they lie their heads down at night.

How to Get Your Teen to Open Up without Saying a Word

“Dad, I’ve got a problem with my algebra class. See you later!” our daughter blurted out before slamming the car door and running off to school. That quick confession opened the door to expose struggles and pain we’d been oblivious to all year. How can you get your teens to open up and welcome you into their lives? Here are eight ways to invite communication with your son or daughter without saying a word:

Stepping Outside for Science and Nature Studies

When we are outside, I encourage my children to appreciate and observe the environment around us. I emphasize the importance of using all five senses to immerse them in nature. By doing this, it encourages them to ask questions about what they see.

30 Day Prayer Challenge for Your Teenager

If only we could impart perfect wisdom into our teenagers’ brains and protect them from life’s most damaging pitfalls. Obviously, we can’t, but we can do something even better, even more life changing. We can point them to the God who always maintains full control, created their inmost beings, and knows precisely where they’re headed. We can teach them to converse daily with Him.

7 Reasons Christians Don't Need to Fear Public Schools

I like public school. I like private Christian school, too, but memories from public school sure do bring a smile to my face. I grew up going to a mixture of both. My three kids grew up going to a mixture of both and, with the exception of a few oddball years, public schools aren’t nearly as scary as Christians can make them out to be.

6 Things a Godly Dad Does

The words of Paul in Ephesians 6 remind Christian fathers that our parenting has a great end towards which we must aim.

4 Certain Ways to Know You Enable Your Children

Since our idols tend to blind us from reality and truth, perhaps the best way to evaluate whether our actions are harming our kids is to examine their behavior. Consider 4 results of an enabling parent.

8 Common Myths About Homeschooling in High School

As your student-child enters the high school years, many homeschool parents are faced with a difficult choice—do we continue on the homeschool path or send our child to a more traditional school environment?


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