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4 Ways That Children Are a Gift from God

I have found that when I flip my perspective as a Mom to one filled with gratitude rather than frustration then I am able to live my days more joyfully. Psalm 127 is just one of many reminders from the Bible of how precious children are in the sight of the Lord!

8 Unsolved Mysteries in the Bible

Maybe knowing all the intricacies of the universe would be too much for our human minds. We struggle with sin already. Maybe God wants us to spend more time loving Him, others, and ourselves, as opposed to trying to solve all of life’s mysteries.

Why Did Jesus Teach about Soil and Sowing?

The Parable of the Sower could more accurately be referred to as the Parable of the Soils. Because the focus of the passage is on the condition of the soil upon which the seed is sown; not on the one sowing the seed.

Was Satan Really an Angel?

If we are to properly understand Satan and how to stand against him, we’ll need to separate what has been revealed in scripture from the depictions that have arisen from imagination and morbid fantasy.


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